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The Beatles Cover Series

The Beatles had many achievements in their short career. The are the largest selling group of all time [over one billion discs and tapes world wide]. They have more number one albums than any other band [19] and one of their songs ["Yesterday"] is the most covered song of all time [over 3000 versions]. As songwriters they are without a doubt, the most successful in the history of music [32 number one singles between the two of them]. There are many different ways to celebrate the music of the Beatles. Almost every radio station in the country has done a "Beatles A to Z" over the years. One of the most fascinating things about the Beatles music is the fact that they are the most covered musicians of all time. Sure there have been many other classic songwriters over the years [Irving Berlin, Bacharach & David, Goffin & King to name a few]. The thing that sets the Beatles apart from just about everyone else is that every single one of their songs [over 200 of them) has been covered many times over. Now for every great cover version like Joe Cocker's "With A Little Help From My Friends" and PM Dawn's "Norwegian Wood" there are dozens of truly awful ones like William Shatner's "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds" and Lena Horne's "Rocky Raccoon".  But that's what makes Rip The Music's new podcast "The Beatles Cover Series" so much fun. There are thousand of cover versions out there done in every style of music. We'll probably end up with over 200 hours of shows by the time we're done [in ten years!]. So get ready to take this sometimes magical and more often "tragical" history tour through the archives of Beatles cover songs.

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