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The Beatlesque Music Show Number Four Is Here...And You Won't Believe Who Is Hosting It!

We'll it certainly took long enough but the fourth edition of the Beatlesque Music Show is finally here. You would think that finding obscure tracks from bands that kind of sound like the Beatles would be the hard part but that's not the case. I have been very disappointed with the process and quality of taping the rap-arounds for each show. Then I had a brainstorm. Since I was writing the intros and outros, I decided to try out  one of those cool "text to speech" converters. I was pleasantly surprised at how realistic it sounded,  Now thanks to makers of TextAloud MP3, I can automate most of the process. I had to learn a few trick along the way since certain words and names don't translate as easily as you would think. Check out the liner notes to the new show which is the exact text I used for the text to speech conversion. I kind of like the voice but I'm on the look out for a British sounding voice which might be better suited for this show. I hope you all enjoy the show as much as I did putting it together. You can download it to your iPod or stream it from the Beatlesque Jukebox. Keep checking back because I will have a new edition of the Beatles Cover Series later in the week.

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The Winning Version Of "Restless, Restless" Is Available For Download!

You all asked for you have it! Kevin Remuck's beautiful Country/Soul version of "Restless, Restless" is now available for download at RealRhapsody. You will need Real Player V10 (it's free) to access their music store. If you don't have RealPlayer V10, click here to download it. If you already have RealPlayer V10, then click here to access the Tom & Vinnie music store at RealRhapsody. Keep on checking back for more versions of the most covered song in the past ten years, "Restless, Restless"....'it happens all the time'.


  Step #1:  Real Player V10 [Free Download]

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If you are a RealRhapsody subscriber, you can find us under "Tom and Vinnie" or "Restless, Restless".








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