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When it comes to music, the internet has so much incredible stuff to offer that it can be overwhelming. We'll be adding links to this page of some of the best music resources the internet has to offer. Please email your recommendations to us.

The Big Town Songbook

The New York Daily News has a great music feature called the Big Town Songbook which "Celebrates New York's Musical Heritage". They have an archive on their web site of all the articles. The pieces are short but they cover an incredibly wide range of musical topics. I guarantee that as much as you think you know about music, you will learn something from this fine series of articles. They cover everything from depression era songs to the New York Dolls. Here is an index of each story in the series that will link straight to it's location on the Daily News web site. Make sure you pick up a copy of the Daily News the next time you are in New York, it's a great paper.

 Waiting to sing: The Legacy of Doris Troy    By DAVID HINCKLEY
 Slogging through hell: Depressive sorbidity, 1932  
Wonderful world: Blowing over Pops, 1971  
 Latent power Marian Anderson at Town Hall   
 Some Time in New York City: John Lennon's Town     No byline
 Masculine charms The Village People   
 Teen spirit Frankie Lymon's Good Times     By DAVID HINCKLEY
 True red Shostakovich trapped in New York, 1949     By ELLIOT ROSENBERG
 The way you're supposed to be The New York Dolls    By DAVID HINCKLEY
 Somebody as rotten as you Jack Benny at Carnegie Hall, 1959     BY ELLIOT ROSENBERG
 Bye bye blackbird Burying Florence Mills, 1927     By JAY MAEDER
 Reindeer games Rudolph for Christmas     By MARA BOVSUN
 Respecting the craft Tony Bennett wins the argument, 1986     By DAVID HINCKLEY
 Wide open Getting a little tenderloin     By FERGUS GWYNPLAINE MacINTYRE
 Adam Sandler writes a little festive something for you Jewish kiddies     By DAVID HINCKLEY
 Over there again War returns to Tin Pan Alley, 1941    By ELLIOT ROSENBERG
 Unspeakable things War Comes to Carnegie Hall, Dec. 1941     By ELLIOT ROSENBERG
 Cutoff point The history of rap in the city, Part four of six     BY DAVID HINCKLEY
 Message from the Bronx The history of rap in the city, Part three of six     By DAVID HINCKLEY
 Power to the people The history of rap in the city, Part two of six    By DAVID HINCKLEY
 Making the party jump The history of rap in the city    By DAVID HINCKLEY
 Man out of time John Kirby     By DAVID HINCKLEY
 Can't sit still Emergence of new urges, summer 1956    By JAY MAEDER
 All mellow Getting together in a moment's sunlight, 1969     By DAVID HINCKLEY
 Between homicides Leadbelly takes Manhattan, 1935    By DAVID HINCKLEY
 Working the room Dean and Jerry and the Copa Crowd, 1948     By DAVID HINCKLEY
 Love Boat Merry on the Ferry, 1939    By MIKE SANTANGELO
 Eating dead burnt bodies Alice and Arlo and Thanksgiving at Carnegie Hall     By DAVID HINCKLEY
 Back in town The transformation of MacHeath     By DAVID HINCKLEY
 Change in plans Roxy's wondrous musical hall     By JAY MAEDER
 Faint lavender The Jolson story     By JAY MAEDER
 Not 100% Billy Joel salutes America, 2002     By DAVID HINCKLEY
 Something about his voice The lost balladeer     By DAVID HINCKLEY
 Knock on wood Jacksons at the Apollo, 1967     By DAVID HINCKLEY
Top of the world The Apollo     By DAVID HINCKLEY
Walk that way Massuh watches the fun and misses the point    By DAVID HINCKLEY
Mobile radio     By DAVID HINCKLEY
Social extermination Being seen at the opera, 1883      By KAREN CHAPMAN
Mother's Day Cissy Houston up top     BY DAVID HINCKLEY
Hole in the wall The crummiest shrine in the world      By DAVID HINCKLEY
Firestorm Incident at the Stork Club, 1951      By DAVID HINCKLEY
The presser Jimmy Walker goes into the record business, 1945     By ELLIOT ROSENBERG
No Jolt Fried Neil      By DAVID HINCKLEY
Wonderbar Thirty-dollar Yiddish song      By PATRICK FENTON
The gift Concert in the park, 1983     By JAY MAEDER
Yes, I can do it' Roberta Peters Zings, 1950     By BRIAN KATES
The old song and dance Al and Ruby      By DAVID HINCKLEY
The honker King Curtis      By DAVID HINCKLEY
Deadly aim Sinatra at the Paramount, 1944     By DAVID HINCKLEY
Hit by lightning Incident at CCNY, 1991      By JAY MAEDER
No white gloves The Shangri-Las      By DAVID HINCKLEY
Scaling the mountain Dorothy Dandridge plays the Waldorf, 1955     By DAVID HINCKLEY
Swamp of opportunity Songwriters at the fair     BY ELLIOT ROSENBERG
Happy hour At ground level with Lovin' Dan      By DAVID HINCKLEY
Hot little number Rosalind Elias gets a tattoo, 1961      By BRIAN KATES
Living in America Black 47      By PATRICK FENTON
Benny Goodman at Carnegie Hall, 1938     By DAVID HINCKLEY
Overnight sensation: "Make Mine Manhattan," 1948     By FERGUS GWYNPLAINE MacINTYRE
Marketing target, Teens and their zines      By DAVID HINCKLEY
Eclipsing the waltz Polite society discovers polka, 1844      By DAVID HINCKLEY
Good fellowship Radio City hails Leningrad, 1942      By ELLIOT ROSENBERG
Career move, The Sugar Ray Robinson Show      By BILL GALLO
Near future: Jimi's lady, 1970      By DAVID HINCKLEY
Cracking the code Billy Strayhorn      By DAVID HINCKLEY
Frantic, Harry the Hipster      By CHRIS ERIKSON
American soundtrack Tin Pan Alley goes to war, 1917      By DAVID HINCKLEY
Preserving zee complexion Flo and Anna and the 1907 Follies     BY JAY MAEDER
Tweet dreams (Part 2 of 2) Whistlers of the city: Fred Lowery     BY MARA BOVSUN
Tweet dreams      By MARA BOVSUN
Cautionary Tale Springsteen and Diallo      By DAVID HINCKLEY
Waiting for the gush Andrew Carnegie and the Philharmonic     By ELLIOT ROSENBERG
Definition of baseball When beer was beer and jingles were jingles     By DAVID HINCKLEY
Pop goes the little old music maker Mitch Miller and the public taste      By DAVID HINCKLEY
Campfire story The Yellow Rose of New York     No byline
A little movement in your sacroiliac Hucklebuckin' all night long     By DAVID HINCKLEY
Potential of Blues Black Swan     By DAVID HINCKLEY
Silenced drum Chano Pozo's last brawl      By DAVID HINCKLEY
Night flock The Rev. Gensel's Jazz Ministry     By BRIAN KATES
Anesthetizing the masses A Little Elevator Music     By DAVID HINCKLEY
Starlight and dewdrops Stephen Foster, Charity Patient     By FERGUS GWYNPLAINE MacINTYRE
Absence of clack The Philharmonic and the Riffraff      By ELLIOT ROSENBERG
Swell tunes an' everything: Ragtime Jimmy    
Best music from everywhere Skitch Henderson's New York Pops    
Freakish gust of wind Curtis Mayfield at Wingate Field, 1990   
Rhapsody in sort of blue George Gershwin goes to Hollywood   
Ground floor America's No. 1 recording artist, 1900-1920   
Center field Leonard Bernstein Conducting, November 1943   
Roar of the crowd Victor Herbert's Neighbors, 1912   
Play it again: Herman Hupfeld's Greatest Hits   
Unchained melodies A Little Sedition Music, 1734     By DAVID HINCKLEY
No blackout on music Philharmonic at war     By ELLIOT ROSENBERG
Looking at hell No Nukes, 1979     By DAVID HINCKLEY
True Confessions Irving Berlin and the Shiksa, 1926   
Headliner Sam Cooke at the Copa, 1964     By DAVID HINCKLEY
Court and spark Boys and Girls Together Down at Coney Isle     By DAVID HINCKLEY
Hearts full as glasses Federal Song and Drink, 1788      By DAVID HINCKLEY
The Classicist and the Bobby Soxers, 1944     By ELLIOT ROSENBERG
Enjoyment in unemployment The Mayor of Central Park, 1933     By JAY MAEDER
Ruthless ambition The House That Nanette Built     By ELLIOT ROSENBERG
Hot wax trax The Billboard charts     By DAVID HINCKLEY
Not the next Ed Sullivan Howard Cosell Recaptures the Magic, 1975     By FERGUS GWYNPLAINE MacINTYRE
Anger and love Sing Out! and the folk argument       By DAVID HINCKLEY
Happy in her work Florence Foster Jenkins     By FERGUS GWYNPLAINE MacINTYRE
Garden of fans Down at Palisades Park, 1930s -1970s Part Two of Two       By DAVID HINCKLEY
O'er in Jersey Up To Palisades Park, 1890s-1930s Part One of Two    By DAVID HINCKLEY
Part of the land 'Skyscraper,' 1965     By MARA BOVSUN
A good concert room Building Philharmonic Hall, 1846     By ELLIOT ROSENBERG
Right to sing The Ballad of Washington Square, Spring 1961     By JAY MAEDER
Heartbreak songs The chanteuse that time forgot     By DAVID HINCKLEY
Self-portrait Bob Dylan invites himself     By DAVID HINCKLEY
Divinity Bette of the baths    By SHANTI GOLD
Bongs bursting in air The NBC Chimes     By DAVID HINCKLEY
Bundled with plot Carnegie Hall: The Movie     By ELLIOT ROSENBERG
Old violins Alberta Hunter     By JERE HESTER
On the mall Edwin Franko Goldman     By DAVID HINCKLEY
Truth in packaging Joe Franklin     By DAVID HINCKLEY
Laughing out loud Happiness and George W. Johnson     By DAVID HINCKLEY
Walking the walk The hotel with the hyphenated name     By MARA BOVSUN
Same old stand Pennsylvania 6-5000       By MIKE SANTANGELO
Proper young ladies     By DAVID HINCKLEY
The voices within Tiny Tim     By JAY MAEDER
Tidal wave Alan Freed and the Suburban Living Room     By DAVID HINCKLEY
Happy banjo tunes The Virginia Minstrels - Part 2 of 2     By DAVID HINCKLEY
Natural sense of rhythm Daddy Rice and the original Jim Crow     By DAVID HINCKLEY
Fighting the Pirates Gilbert and Sullivan in New York, 1879     By FERGUS GWYNPLAINE MacINTYRE
The kid on the couch Phil Spector's New York     By DAVID HINCKLEY
Writing records Leiber and Stoller     By DAVID HINCKLEY
Ungodly Directions 100 Years of Fats Waller     By DAVID HINCKLEY
Everything can change New York minute, 9-11-01     By DAVID HINCKLEY
Wheels that hum The Magic Train of Dreams, 1961     By FERGUS GWYNPLAINE
How good can it get The Rascals     By DAVID HINCKLEY
No sideways Living large at the opera     By BRIAN KATES
Peace and unity The American-Soviet Music Society    By ELLIOT ROSENBERG
Play-a de music When organ grinders ground    By MARA BOVSUN
Only game in town Rosalie Allen country    By DAVID HINCKLEY
The importance of keeping receipts A tale of two lost cellos    By BRIAN KATES
Turnover Switching Drifters, 1958    By DAVID HINCKLEY
Not ready for prime time Elvis Comes to Town, 1955    By DAVID HINCKLEY
Big talk The Day the Music Died, 1982    By DAVID HINCKLEY
Bump 'em right back Subway sonata, 1912    By FERGUS GWYNPLAINE MacINTYRE
Looking for an echo The Crests    By DAVID HINCKLEY
Not the soda fountain type Clay Cole's clean teens, 1960      By DAVID HINCKLEY
When New York wasn't ready for opera, 1833    By BRIAN KATES
Tasteful conclusion The Philharmonic's Lincoln Concert, 1865      By ELLIOT ROSENBERG
Hit parade The Jackie Robinson Song, 1949    By DAVID HINCKLEY
Reminder of excellence Fiorello's Pet Project      By ELLIOT ROSENBERG
Battlefront Witchcraft at the Opera, 1994    By BRIAN KATES
Big Town Songbook: Brothers Simon and Garfunkel and Goodman    By DAVID HINCKLEY
Being a Belmont The Guys Behind Dion    By DAVID HINCKLEY
Fatal pages Death at the Met, 1960     By BRIAN KATES
Brooklyn Kid The Alan Dale Story    By PATRICK FENTON
To get to the other side Jingling for jaywalkers     By MARA BOVSUN
Devil's own night A hick on the Bowery     By MIKE SANTANGELO
Must know somethin' Not an ordinary musical, 1927     By DAVID HINCKLEY
Something to join The Junkie Choir    By DAVID HINCKLEY
Proles on Broadway Orson Welles vs. Uncle Sam, 1937    By ELLIOT ROSENBERG
Somewhere in the night Billy May's New York     By DAVID HINCKLEY
Celebrated delineator Bert Williams in blackface     By DAVID HINCKLEY
Miracle of the canaries Toscanini      By JAY MAEDER
Stopping the white wash Rahsaan Roland Kirk on TV      By DAVID HINCKLEY
Too hip for the room Johnny Staccato      By JAY MAEDER
Resurrection Easter Parade     By MARA BOVSUN
Mysterious music lover Moondog      By BRIAN KATES
Moth to flame New Kid at the Bon Soir      By PATRICK FENTON
Concrete jungle Petulant moments in New York song     By DAVID HINCKLEY
Dynamite James Brown Live at the Apollo, 1962      By TIM ADAMS
Preaching to the choir Adam Clayton Powell on the Record, 1967      By DAVID HINCKLEY
Spirit of the music Dueling Klezmers     By DAVID HINCKLEY
Scientific broadcasting WQXR and how it got that way     By DAVID HINCKLEY
Voyage to Neverland Frohman at Sea, 1915     By ELLIOT ROSENBERG
Big New York jock thing Murray the K      By DAVID HINCKLEY
Begging for more Jackie Wilson leaves 'em panting      By DAVID HINCKLEY
Eagle from crag Durable Sousa     By DAVID HINCKLEY
New York Knick Peter Stuyvesant on Broadway, 1938      By MARA BOVSUN
Union label The ILGWU theme song      By MIKE SANTANGELO
Sunday melodies The W.E. Hill Report, 1941     No byline
Broader principles ASCAP Part 1 of 2      By DAVID HINCKLEY
Dancing after retirement Cohan Plays Roosevelt, 1937      By FERGUS GWYNPLAINE MacINTYRE
Whereever the Muses go The Philharmonic at the Roxy, 1950      By ELLIOT ROSENBERG
Coffee break Irving Berlin at the Automat, 1932      By MARA BOVSUN
Future of radio Martin Block makes believe     By DAVID HINCKLEY
When the ship comes in Downtown Man, Uptown Girl      By SHANTI GOLD
True love ways Mr. and Mrs. Buddy Holly in New York, 1958      By DAVID HINCKLEY
Off the record James Caesar Petrillo     By DAVID HINCKLEY
No bad habits Eubie Blake's century     By FERGUS GWYNPLAINE MacINTYRE 
Marilyn serenades JFK, and JFK listens politely, 1962      By STEPHEN McFARLAND
Gift from heaven Jenny Lind, 1850      By MARA BOVSUN
Spaghetti death The Fugs      By DAVID HINCKLEY
Real sob ballad The Ink Spots find their song, 1939     By DAVID HINCKLEY
Golden days past Guy Lombardo rings in the new      By DAVID HINCKLEY
Wild Side Twisting at the Pep, 1961      By DAVID HINCKLEY
Salable pop The Weavers and the blacklist     By DAVID HINCKLEY
Scorn and disdain Spike Jones giffs Hitler der old birdaphone, 1942     By DAVID HINCKLEY
Transatlantic ritz Harry Richman's Birdman Holiday, 1936     By JAY MAEDER
Too much for Fun City The Topless Cellist, 1967    By MARA BOVSUN
Quite a hit Alexander's Mildly Similar Band, 1911      By DAVID HINCKLEY
The Furtwaengler affair Fracas at the Philharmonic, 1936      By ELLIOT ROSENBERG
Some kind of formation The Esquire jazz shoot, 1958      By DAVID HINCKLEY
Freaks from Iowa: Cherry Sisters on Broadway, 1896     By MARA BOVSUN
Alabaster bosoms Broadway's first musical, 1866      By FERGUS GWYNPLAINE MacINTYRE
Armistice: God and Irving Berlin and Kate Smith bless America, 1938     BY JAY MAEDER



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