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The "Restless, Restless" Jukebox

Who would have thought that a long forgotten demo of a song written and recorded by two non-musicians over 20 years ago would become one of the most covered songs of all time! Thanks to the exposure of the original demo on the massively popular Howard Stern Show, there are now close to 1000 cover versions of "Restless, Restless" that cover every genre of music. We are still going through all of the different versions and will  eventually post links (where available) to all of the folks that have covered the song. We will also make all of the versions available over time. For now, due to bandwidth issues, we'll link each bands website. Just click on the jukebox label for each artist. As you can imagine, this is a massive undertaking. It will likely take us most of the year but keep checking back as this page will grow to epic proportions.  If you have recorded a version of the song and don't see it here, please send us an email and let us know. Our goal is to eventually house every version of "Restless, Restless" on this site. Thanks again to everyone who took the time to record the song and special thanks to those of you who we have been fortunate to become friends with this past year. C

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The original demo that stared it all. Recorded in 1982 and 2004. Odd melody and lyrics, deemed "uncover-able".

Tom and I got into the spirit of covering our own song. Backed by our great band The Crucial Heads.

Winner of the Howard Stern "Restless, Restless" contest. A beautiful Country/Soul rendition. Kevin is a major talent. Available at RealRhapsody.

While completely missing the point of the lyrics, Goulet makes the song swing. A top three finalist in the contest.

When Shatner first read the heartfelt lyrics, he immediately heard a "Mambo" melody. As good as anything he's done.

Eric blew us away with this poppy Fountains Of Wayne-ish version. We've since done another song with Eric called ["Wile Away"].

A version of the song with more rock and roll balls than we could ever come up with. Performed live at CBGB in Oct.

Beautifully sung and perfectly recorded by Detroit legends, Bump. A cross between Elvis Costello and Wilco. Check out this great live version as well.

One of our top five versions. Hauntingly beautiful, Tex Mex meets Roy Orbison style cover. Destined to be a hit. Will be available soon.

Nice John Lennon-esque circa Imagine era. Glen makes the song his own. Nicely mirrors the sad lyric.

A kick ass mix of the 2004 demo. The backing track is fantastic and really rocks. Good effects on our voices.

Fantastic alternative pop version of the song. Almost beatleseque. We'd kill to write a melody this strong. Great vocal.

Great 90s style rock version with one of my favorite vocals. These guys are great. Nice tension between the verse and the chorus.

Interesting arrangement. Real good alternative vibe with a nice hard edge to it. Real great guitar sound.

One of the first versions we heard. A great rap from someone who did a real good job promoting his version on various web sites.

A really authentic Clash style punk rock sound from this UK band. Our first international cover!

Good time George Thorogood style rock and roll boogie from this great rock band out of Pennsalvania.

This great versions sounds like Lou Reed meets early 80s New Wave. A great and totally original arrangement from these guys.

This great band is from Long Island. They came through with a nice hard yet still melodic alternative pop cover. They have a great new CD out.

A nice slice of alternative pop from the Velmas. They will be releasing their version on their new CD EP. They also have a great CD worth checking out.






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